End of tenancy cleaning: your checklist to a spotless house

End of tenancy cleaning: your checklist to a spotless house

Moving out is a very stressful job. You need to take care of so many things before the final day of moving out, but one thing that should always be on top of your list is to get the tenancy deposit back from your landlord. End of Tenancy Cleaners London will help you to get your deposit back in full. 

However, it’s a rare situation when the tenants get a full refund. The reason for that is, according to the contract written at the time of moving in, the landlord will get the property back in the same condition as it was given, and you won’t be able to do it yourself as they are many things to consider for the end of tenancy cleaning to pass inspection. End of Tenancy Cleaners London will ensure that this won’t happen, and you will be more likely to get your full deposit back. 

And if the property is not in the same condition, the landlord can deduct from the deposit amount, depending on the amount of work that needs to be done again in the house.

Many people hire End of Tenancy Cleaners London to clean the house before they move out. The end of tenancy cleaning companies follow a checklist that includes everything to make sure that the house is brought up to its standard, and you get the most of your deposit amount back.

Careful residents can also manage cleaning themselves, given they have the time to do so; however, they have to make sure to be thorough in cleaning as the landlord inspects the house very profoundly. If you are willing to do it yourself, make sure to follow a checklist containing everything, and you don’t forget or miss anything.

Checklist for a spotless house:

Start with the Ceilings: It’s a great practice to start the cleaning with the house’s ceilings. It might sound odd, but it makes sense when you do it. The roofs collect a lot of dust on them and cobwebs on the corners and ceiling fans. Once you clean the ceiling, you don’t have to worry about the dirt falling on the floor when you’re cleaning them.

Windows: Cleaning the windows is a challenging and time taking job. Ensure the windows are clean using the right scrubs from the inside and hire professional end of tenancy cleaners London for the outside.

Walls: Many walls have Scuff marks on them, which are impossible to remove and looks really bad on the wall. The best option to tackle them is to paint over them.

Tiles: The first thing that the landlords get noticed to check the house’s cleaning condition is the tiles around the home. Make sure to clean all the tiles gently without breaking them. Use scrubs to make them spotless.

Carpets: Carpets are tough to clean, look fresh, and free of stains. It is recommended to hire professional carpet cleaners to wash your carpets for you. You can find many quality carpet cleaning companies online that will come to your house, pick the mats, and drop them back at the given time. The End of Tenancy Cleaners will provide professional carpet cleaning equipment which will clean your carpets professionally. 

Doors: use scrubs to clean the doors, and don’t forget the handles. Many handles get dirty and sticky when they are not cleaned for a long time.

Wooden floors: Ensure that you hoover wooden floors in the home before cleaning them with an appropriate cleaning liquid. Keep in mind that it’s not possible to wash laminate floors, or it will bend. Instead of that, try to get floor wipes from the store.

Curtains: you can hire End of Tenancy Cleaners London to do everything above for you, including the cleaning of your curtains, although they are not necessary, it can give an excellent impression to the landlord.